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Coronavirus: from individual fear to collective protection

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It is said that great changes are accompanied by great shocks and that crisis situations bring out the worst or the best in people. We want this crisis to catalyze the good will and solidarity of society. We want you to put aside the fear of running out of food or getting infected, to start thinking that the world is still rolling, and the social problems that were yesterday, continue to be today, even if they are not in the news.

We are facing an unprecedented situation, that affects negatively many people: health personnel, financial losses in companies, parents who do not know what to do with their children, infected or frightened and isolated people in their homes, prisoners who cannot receive visits or sick people with other pathologies who cannot have adequate care are some of those harmed by this virus.

We want you to stop to think about those most affected by this crisis and bring out the best in you to make this moment a little better for everyone.

Continue to drive social change

We encourage companies not to be paralyzed and to continue promoting social change by adapting their projects to the context. We are already doing it with several of the companies with whom we work and we are available to all to jointly rethink their projects. Here are some examples of ways to collaborate:

  • Online projects: cyberactivism and awareness.
  • Fundraising for entities in employee challenge format.
  • Sending kits for affected people: hygiene products for the homeless or school kits for children.

Project to combat loneliness in the elderly

In the framework of the current problems, Voluntariado y Estrategia and FDI unite to focus especially on one of the most affected: our elders. We believe that they should stay in their homes and residences and take care of their health until the authorities manage to stop this virus. But we will try to make their stay a little more bearable. To do this, we have launched a project in which we invite companies to participate so that they can send gifts and get in touch with our elders so that 24 hours at home in isolation does not become an eternity.

Julia Aramendi

Julia Aramendi