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“Batallitas”: Their legacy, our treasure

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"Batallitas": Their legacy, our treasure

Batallitas: The term refers to the funny, touching or vital stories of our protagonists, the elderly.

Seniors are true treasures of wisdom, with experiences and perspectives that deserve to be shared and captured for posterity.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new project: the Batallitas video podcast.

  • The life stories of seniors are a window into the past, a glimpse into challenges overcome, triumphs achieved and lessons learned over the years.
  • They are testimonies of resilience, love, humor and hope.
  • That connect us to our own humanity and teach us valuable lessons for the present and the future.

With our video podcast, we are committed to giving voice to the lived experiences of seniors.

We want to create a safe and welcoming space where they can share their life stories in an authentic and unfiltered way.

From funny anecdotes to touching stories, each story will be treated with the respect and admiration it deserves.

Here is the summary of the first pilot test we recorded as part of Podcast Days

Batallitas: Also for your corporate volunteering

This first recording was so successful that we have decided to bet on the format. Currently we already have some companies that will collaborate with the project through the recording of chapters in which, in addition, their employees have a fundamental role.

  • The volunteers help us to identify these anecdotes:
  • help us to identify these anecdotes that we want to be recorded,
  • generating conversations with the elderly,
  • facilitating the smooth running of the recording day,
  • and actively participating in the podcast if they wish to do so.

Companies can participate by recording their own videopodcast chapters between volunteers and seniors, always with our direction and the facilitation of a professional journalist.

At the same time we are working on how we could make this project sustainable over time to ensure that we can continue to give voice to our protagonists, for this we would love to have some company that wants to collaborate in a more sustained way.

We are excited to embark on this journey of discovery and learning together with seniors, if you would like to join us, feel free to contact us!

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Julia Aramendi