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Corporate volunteering

Competence development


Going from employees to employee-volunteers is a turning point in companies. Numerous studies show that, by doing corporate volunteering, they develop personal skills and abilities that improve the professional performance of your employees, as well as the working environment in which they work.

These are some of the companies we have worked with on competence development:

At Volies we define the activities to improve the specific competences you are looking for:

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Flexibility and adaptability

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Continuous learning

In addition, thanks to professional volunteering, your employees...

Pioneering methodology

We have developed a specific innovative methodology that is deployed across three areas:

Professional volunteering

Put the value of your team’s know-how to a social purpose. By exercising their expertise, your employees make a significant contribution to a valuable task outside their comfort zone. Through intensive life experience, they acquire new competencies.

Competence development

The potential of corporate volunteering as a learning tool has been recognised for many years. At Volies we are one of the world’s leading experts in promoting this learning and focusing it on the specific competencies you are looking for in your company.

Certification of competences

We identify, measure and test the development of the competencies you are looking for and, in addition, we achieve a double recognition for your employees: a formal recognition of their learning by your company and a proof of the value of the work performed.

Teaming up

One of the ways we have seen that most promote the development of employee skills is through teambuilding. At Volies, we support your company in the design and development of teambuilding projects with a social plus such as solidarity challenges.