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Corporate volunteering

We organise your

Volunteering day or week

Concentrating several participation proposals in a single day, week or month increases the participation of your employees by maximising communication efforts. With our extensive experience in national and international events, we do not neglect any detail.

Here are some of the companies we organise your volunteer days with:

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Lasting effects

A short duration activity is favourable:

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Tailor-made solutions

We design tailor-made annual events for  organizations such as  Pernod Ricard, Fundación Telefónica, Amadeus, Fundación Repsol, Red Eléctrica de España, Orange, Werfen or Prologis.

We count on the collaboration of Volies in our Volunteering Day, which on this occasion celebrates 17 years, 17 editions in which all together we have shown our support to very diverse groups, from people with disabilities to children and young people at risk of exclusion, through our elders or immigrants or refugees, always with the aim of promoting the inclusion and literacy of vulnerable groups.

Volies has been a fundamental element in the management and organization of solidarity proposals, both those that have come directly from social entities and those that have arisen from the initiative of Telefónica’s own volunteers.

Fundación Telefónica Social Action and Volunteering Programme

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