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Allied networks

Moving forward (together)

is always a good idea

Networks are essential to us because they generate value for you. They allow us to learn about the latest trends, successful practices and significant experiences. By sharing, we generate synergies between all of us to drive social change in an innovative way.

From Volies we coordinate Voluntare, we are members of the board of directors of Volonteurope, we are part of Points of Lights (the main volunteer network in the USA) and we are partners of Forum, the Global ProBono Network and IAVE (global volunteer network). Together we share, collaborate, learn and improve, bringing more value to everything we do.

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Since 2011 we have been coordinating Voluntare, the largest network for the promotion of corporate volunteering in Spanish-speaking countries, made up of around a hundred members from companies and social and academic organizations based in Europe and Latin America. Together we develop collaborative projects that generate knowledge and tools and promote the professionalisation of the sector through events, conferences, training courses and our communication channels.
We have partnered with Volonteurope, a European network for the promotion of volunteering, active citizenship and social justice that facilitates the exchange of ideas, projects and knowledge. We are 50 members from 20 countries, such as Volunteering Matters, La Ligue de l’Enseignement, GemeinsamLeben und Lernen in Europe, GVC or ActionAid.
We have been a member of the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) since 2020. It is an international network of NGOs, companies, national volunteer centres and volunteer leaders. It promotes and supports volunteering as a collective expression of civic engagement that builds community cohesion and resilience.
Since 2013 we have been a member of Points of Light, the world’s largest volunteer service organization. In partnership with organizations and individuals, it builds a society where no one is left out. We share a similar mission and exchange knowledge and experiences to learn and bring more value to our projects.

Since 2023, we have been part of the European Volunteer Center, a European network of more than 60 organizations dedicated to promoting and supporting volunteering in Europe, which aims to be the leading voice in the debate on values-based volunteering in Europe, influencing and sharing current and future trends and challenges.

We are part of the Global Pro Bono Network, the network that brings 48 organizations in 31 countries together to promote pro bono volunteering through the exchange of knowledge and best practices, mutual support and collaboration. Our membership shows our commitment to pro bono volunteering.

Since 2024 we have been member of Forum, a global network of organisations that work through volunteers to achieve sustainable development. And promote and support responsible and impactful volunteering through convening, research, and standards.

Since March 2022 we are part of the Business Network for LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion. The network has more than 100 member companies and is joined by individuals (‘associate friends’) and consultants who are experts in the field of LGBTI diversity and inclusion in the workplace.