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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting

We develop cross-cutting diversity strategies that add value both inside and outside the company. After an internal and external analysis we can define objectives and plans that generate a real impact and are aligned with the business.

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Diversity Strategy

Regardless of where a company is in terms of diversity management maturity, it is always good to stop and analyze, understand and decide where we want our strategy to go

The stages of strategy design include

Initial diagnosis
Strategic Objectives Definition
Action plan
Equal Opportunity Plans

Equal opportunity plans

These are key instruments for promoting gender equity and combating discrimination in the workplace.  We support companies in the development of their Equality Plans. 

The development of the Equal Opportunity Plan includes

Plan design and approval
Implementation and Communication


Training program for both DEI managers and staff

A real understanding of the different aspects of diversity is the fundamental key to fostering more inclusive societies. We propose a training program both for DEI managers in the company and for the staff, which can be adapted to each specific context.

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Basic Diversity Concepts

What is diversity and how is it managed? What impact does it have on our society and on companies?

Through awareness of the importance of Diversity, we seek to promote reflection on how our actions and attitudes impact a diverse environment and motivate employees to act as agents of positive change, fostering a culture of inclusion and respect that transcends the workplace.

Neuroscience and unconscious biases

Unconscious biases operate in our brain by connecting our values, lived experiences and acquired learning, creating our “mental database”, from which we make quick decisions and interpret reality, often without being aware of their magnitude. In order to work on empathy and respect for diversity, it is essential to understand how these biases work, to be aware of them.

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Privilege is the advantage granted by gaining access to rights or resources over others. Through practical sessions, we will analyze our privileges and vulnerabilities, and their impact on our relationships and we will think together how we can be aware of them and transform them into a tool to promote a more just and inclusive society.

Diversity aspects

Specific training and sensitization in the various dimensions of Diversity.

Racism / Gender / Intergenerationality / LGTBI / Disability / Interculturality

Inclusive communication

Inclusive communication seeks to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their cultural, linguistic, gender, age or ability differences, can access and participate fully in the exchange of information.  It involves using language and means of communication that are understandable and accessible to all people, avoiding exclusion or discrimination of any social group.

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Intercultural competencies and communication

Intercultural competencies is a human being’s ability to act appropriately and flexibly towards people from other cultures. Through theoretical and practical workshops we can learn to differentiate between stereotypes and cultural norms, learn about the different cultural norms that we must take into account and learn how to act so that everyone feels comfortable, while remaining authentic.

Inclusive leadership

Inclusive leadership is a leadership style that values and encourages diversity at all levels of an organization. It is about creating an environment where all people feel valued, respected and empowered to fully contribute their unique skills and perspectives. 

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Diversity workshops, events, programs and projects

We develop initiatives to take action through different participatory models where we will seek to break down barriers, stigmas, empower and equip people so that the lessons learned transcend into their lives and promote an inclusive and just society.

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News about Diversity projects

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