We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations.

We are your engine of social transformation

Society evolves and we evolve with it. We were born a decade ago as Volunteering and Strategy to help companies and institutions to build a better world. A stage that has evolved, fundamentally, around the axis of corporate volunteering as a driver of change. And although this movement still has much to contribute, we are moving towards a new dimension, capable of embracing a broader and more contemporary concept of social transformation.

Volies combines the experience accumulated over so many years supporting companies as Volunteering and Strategy, the backing of Voluntare, the leading Spanish-speaking think tank for corporate volunteering, and the mobilising force of our social organization, HandsOn Spain.

As Volies, we have set ourselves a new mission: to promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations. Activating, empowering and accompanying them in this process, in order to build a sustainable world and a fairer, more inclusive, critical and diverse society.

The team

Juan Angel

Juan Ángel Poyatos

CEO & Founder

Juan Ángel Poyatos, Volies´s CEO & founder, is one of the most recognised experts in the field of social responsibility and one of the driving forces behind corporate volunteering in Spain. Since he launched Volunteering and Strategy in 2013, our team has been growing and accumulating experience.

Trust us and present us with your challenge. We will set out to find the optimal solution and accompany you in its implementation. We look forward to accompanying you.


Julia Aramendi

Project Director

12. Benedetta

Benedetta Falletti

Project Director and Director of the Voluntare-Network

4. Patricia

Patricia Fort

Project Director


Marcos Ramírez

Project Director

3. Celina

Celina Lesta

Project Director and Coordinator for Latin America at Voluntare

1. Maria Jesus

María Jesús Pérez

Administration Manager and Project Coordinator


Carmen Martí

Communication Manager

10. Laura

Laura García

Project Coordinator

9. Carmen

Carmen Rodríguez

Project Coordinator

6. Marta

Marta Cela

Project Coordinator

8. Manuel

Manuel Rodríguez

Project Coordinator

15. Elena Figueroa

Elena Figueroa

Project Coordinator

Noemi Diaz

Noemí Diaz

Project Coordinator

Rocio Faniker foto

Rocio Martins

Project Coordinator

Nike Faniker Foto

Nike Fakiner

Project Coordinator

Valeria Benvenuto foto

Valeria Benvenuto

Project Coordinator

Beatriz Villas foto ok

Beatriz Villas

Project Coordinator

Foto de María Ledi, miembro del equipo de Volies

Maria Ledi Cooper

Project Coordinator

Jesus Serrano

Jesús Serrano

Project Coordinator

Foto de Miriam copado, Coordinadora de Proyectos de Volies

Miriam Copado

Project Coordinator ​

Foto Joyce Oliveira

Joyce Oliveira

Project Coordinator ​

Santi Soliveres

Santi soliveres

Project Coordinator ​

Volies Raquel

Raquel Bibas

Project Coordinator ​