We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations

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VOLIES Association

Working for a better Europe

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As a global organization, at Volies we are permeable to trends that contribute to real social change beyond our borders.

That is why we broaden our horizons to Europe and interact with benchmark organizations from which we can learn and to which we can contribute our experience.

Transforming the old continent

We carry out the social action of Volies through Volies Association, formerly known as Pasos Solidarios, an NGO registered in the national registry of associations that promotes volunteering and from which we get involved in projects that are the result of collaboration and dialogue between people and organizations of different languages, latitudes, cultures and customs, but with which we share the project of a social, diverse, inclusive, supportive, united and innovative Europe.


In 2023 we become part of the Resiliage project. Recent crises and disasters have affected the lives, livelihoods and environment of European citizens in unprecedented and unforeseen ways. Based on the Sendai Framework and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on the role of culture, Resiliage understands community practices as “Natural Cultural Heritage” and aims to access it as a source for disaster risk management, in the quest to co-create solutions to cope with these natural disasters. The project is coordinated by the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy) and funded by the European Commission. Together with 17 partner institutions from all over Europe, including UNESCO, Volies is part of this project, offering special support in the communication plan and international dissemination.


In 2019 we started United for Youth together with three other volunteer-focused organizations from the Netherlands, Lithuania and Ukraine. For two years we informed and engaged companies and organizations around qualitative corporate volunteering among younger employees. For the skills it develops, to combat youth unemployment and also as a tool to strengthen talent retention in organizations. The result of this enriching experience is the handbook ‘Corporate Volunteering: Positive Impact on Youth, Communities, Companies and Employees’.
Action 4 Europe of Solidarity

In 2021 we cooperated in Action 4 Europe of Solidarity (A4EUS). We held 14 online seminars to analyse the European Union’s migration policies and public attitudes on this issue in countries with significant internal problems in their management of migration flows. The two promoted by Pasos Solidarios focused on analysing the phenomenon of migration in Spain and sharing good practices in the inclusion of immigrants.

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Durante 2020 y 2021, a través de ResiliEurope – European Citizens, Islands, Territories and Resilience, hemos contribuido a promover el diálogo intercultural y la participación de los ciudadanos europeos en la vida pública europea, combinando solidaridad y resiliencia. Se trata de una iniciativa que combate los nacionalismos y promueve una visión europeísta a través del debate entre ciudadanos de distintas regiones del Europa: mediterránea, este y norte.

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Together with partners from Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Sweden, Montenegro and Latvia, we aim to promote awareness of the values of the European Union, using innovative tools. The planned activities will revolve around the Commission’s six priorities for 2019-2024: the European Green Pact, a Europe fit for the digital age, an economy that works for people, a stronger Europe in the world, promoting our European way of life and a new impetus for European democracy.