We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations

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The real commitment of companies produces a significant change in society through its main asset, people. With the extensive experience we have accumulated as Volunteering and Strategy, at Volies we accompany you in the design and development of your Strategic Social Action or Plan for corporate volunteering. Ambitious, aligned with your objectives and with the best you can contribute to society to optimise the benefits for all parties involved.

These are some of the companies for which we have designed strategic actions:

Why volunteering and Strategy?

Corporate volunteering is an ideal human resources management strategy for companies as a driver of motivation, involvement and happiness. Thanks to a shared effort,  organizations and employees improve the living conditions of the communities in which they are present and promote a more sustainable environment. It is a good starting point for social participation and active citizenship. 

Your employees are involved in transformative activities and represent the best emblem of your company’s
commitment to society.


But also we help you develop projects that are aligned with your values and strategy, creative, high impact and with optimal, measurable and certifiable results.

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Multiplier benefits

Well defined and implemented, a strategic corporate volunteering programme is a factor of competitiveness and innovation.

Increases motivation and commitment

Awaken loyalty to your company

Increases empathy for the environment

Perception of responsible

Promotes internal communication

Removes barriers between departments

Own projects

After years of experience in the corporate volunteering sector and as experts in mobilising people, we have developed different projects of our own, which we offer to companies as mobilising actions. From Volies we work together with your strategy to offer you those activities that fit perfectly with your interests. Projects such as “Companies4SDGs”, “ODS al cole” or the “ Multi- company challenge  4 Ukraine”, launched in solidarity with Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

Tailor-made solutions

We are professionals specialised in designing tailor-made plans. At Volies we help you design a corporate volunteering and social transformation strategy based on your values, concerns and connections. We accompany you in the implementation of the project, volunteer management, coordination of activities, specific training, surveys and closing reports.

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Quantifying the impact of your Social Action Plan

We select and adapt the most suitable measuring system

We apply modern statistical

We identify causal relationships between different

Sectoral analysis

By means of studies from different approaches, we make your initiatives more strategic. Knowledge and its analysis helps us to combine the needs on which to focus: those of your environment, those most closely linked to your business profile, those that most motivate your employees… Also to better understand the problems and how you are acting to solve them.

At Volies we analyse the situation of the different corporate volunteering programmes of the main Spanish companies. The aim is to understand where they are at the moment and where they should direct their programmes. In addition, through these analyses we aim to understand the vision of the employees and take it into account for the future.

The study methodology


Interviews with relevant people in the company

A cohort of people considered key for their position, relevance and vision within the company, from different areas and environments, with and without experience in corporate volunteering, is proposed.


Survey 1

A separate survey is sent to employees. This survey has a differentiated part::

a. For the volunteers of the Programme: we want to understand their perception and satisfaction with the programme and areas for improvement.

b. For non-volunteers or those who have not participated for a long time: the aim is to understand why they have not participated, the barriers and limitations that exist.


Survey 2

This survey addresses the forms of collaboration with the programme, priority areas for employees, etc.


Focus group

A focus group is developed with participants who are active in the programmes and employees who are not. The objective is to contrast the data obtained in the survey and to obtain qualitative information from employees in relation to the programme.


Contrast with the programme

With the data obtained from both resources, a series of conclusions and recommendations are put forward and contrasted with the Volunteering Programme.


Benchmark and best practice analysis

of leading companies in volunteering in the sector and in general, in the country/region and internationally.

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With all this information, Volies drew up a document of conclusions and recommendations, which responds to the demands and reflections of the volunteers.

We certify your results and improve your transparency

Your corporate volunteering programme and Social Action Plan makes a real difference. At Volies we are not only able to quantify it, but also to certify it. Through a validation process and using our own analysis methodology, we provide you with a report so that you can communicate it with complete transparency and accuracy.

For example, since 2019 we have been validating INECO’s Social Action reports after checking the data of all its activities with the social entities with which it collaborates. In addition to checking the veracity of the data, we carry out a qualitative analysis to identify the company’s main impacts.

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“For INECO, it is important that the certification is carried out by a specialised, independent entity with in-depth knowledge of corporate volunteering and social action, internationally recognised for its management of the Voluntare network. Its team carries out this service with a rigorous methodology, confirms the development of each activity, verifies the consistency of the data and collects documentary evidence from each collaborating entity. The whole process is carried out in an efficient and agile manner and concludes with a detailed report”.

África Jiménez Lacaci, Deputy Director of Institutional Relations and CSR at INECO.