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Service: Online volunteering – Strategy and implementation

Client: Own Project

Type of client: Companies and entities of any size

Project: Collaborative project


The #COMPANIES4SDGs project consists of a global campaign that promotes awareness and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals through companies’ internal communication channels. The campaign provides companies with videos, articles and healthy habits so that they can work on the 17 United Nations Goals, on a monthly basis and spread over a year.


  • Promote the Sustainable Development
  • Offer companies the opportunity to join the leading global social movement with experts, other companies and with the support of IMPACT
  • Support companies in communicating the SDGs in an attractive and simple
  • Promote healthy and sustainable habits among employees and Corporate Volunteering in line with the
  • Involve more and more companies and

The #COMPANIES4SDGs project is open to the participation of companies, public organisations, social and educational entities, it is designed to be developed in 3 campaigns and materials have been developed  for each campaign. The first campaign describes the SDGs and their targets in more detail, the second  campaign adds inspirational projects and invites to implement sustainable habits, the third campaign  encourages action with challenges/contests.

The 3 #COMPANIES4SDGs campaigns are complementary and can be communicated in parallel or consecutively. All materials are fully delivered at the time of joining, allowing each company to adapt their content and timeline to their needs and strategy.

Most of the materials are available in several languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Basque and Catalan. Each company can adapt the calendar and customise the materials according to their needs and requirements.

Since its launch, this campaign has had an impact on more than 500,000 employees, and has mobilised 80,000 volunteers in 45 countries. In addition, it already has 105 participating organisations, 45 member companies and 3 networks, reaching 4 million people.

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