We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations

Corporate volunteering

Volies’ focus in Latin America is to accompany companies, networks and  organizations to professionalise corporate volunteering.

These are some of the companies in Latin America that we accompany:

How do we do it?

At Volies we strive to provide our clients with the necessary tools to be able to promote a strategic and innovative corporate volunteering and social participation programme for their stakeholders and with a positive impact on the community. To this end, we offer different types of consultancy services such as the design of strategies for corporate volunteering plans, specific training for the teams managing the volunteering activities, training for volunteers and allied social entities, implementation of new processes for the professionalisation of the programme such as measuring the development of competencies or the monitoring of the programmes, as well as the design of tools for the implementation of innovative programmes at a local level.

We share our knowledge

In order to provide the right advice, we take into account the needs of each client, the areas of interest, the culture, corporate values and previous volunteering activities or programmes. With all this information, as well as our previous experience and knowledge of global trends in corporate volunteering and social participation, we seek to provide effective, innovative, personalised and applicable responses.

We have collaborated with TRASO to measure the impact on the competencies of volunteers participating in DOW Colombia’s VIBRASTEM volunteering project, as well as in the design of Coosalud’s corporate volunteering strategy. We also accompanied the Asociación Cibao de Ahorros y Préstamos (ACAP) in the Dominican Republic in the design of a corporate volunteering strategy. We offer training for the social entities that are partners of TOTAL Austral’s corporate volunteering programme, among other actions that we continue to promote in the region.

For us, working with Volies has been very enriching in many ways, one of them is knowing that they are allies that promote collective work and therefore share their experiences and good practices with others, which has allowed us to learn much more about the world of corporate volunteering.

For Traso it is important to work with entities that manage this knowledge in a strategic way and Volies is an organization that manages valuable knowledge management in volunteering.

Thank you Volies for working together to transform communities through volunteering.

Melissa Campo Solano, United Fund Coordinator