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Our extensive international experiences allow us to design global volunteer strategies, as we have already done so for companies such as Amadeus, UN Volunteers, or EDP. We are implementing projects in more than 25 countries and managing global programs like:

  • The International Week of Repsol Foundation
  • Other Countries of Telefonica Foundation
  • UN Volunteers Competence Program
  • CoerporatesCaixa of Caixa Bank

For these projects, we have a multilingual and multidisciplinary team, able to address projects at an international level in different languages: Spanish, Catalon, Basque,  English, Portugese, German, French and Italian.

We are an active part of the principal global networks that promote volunteering and active citizen participation, , so we know and apply the latest trends.

Tell us your concerns and needs! We adapt to the reality and necessities of each environment and project.

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We have worked in

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We accompany you around the world

We accompany our clients to promote a strategic and innovative corporate volunteering and social participation program for their interest groups. We do this to have a positive impact in the community, in all of the parts of the world in which we operate.

To advise the programs correctly, we consider the specific needs of each client, the areas of interest, culture, corporate values, and previous activites or volunteer programs.

With this information, including all of our experience and knowledge of global trends in corporate volunteering or social participation, we search for effective, innovative, and adaptive responses to each environment.

Already trusted international projects

Some of our international experiences:

Stategic Employee Community engagement

Logo de Amadeus

In 2020, we coordinated the international strategy for Amadeus. One of the characteristics that makes this program special is that it is one of the few companies that leads all the actions from Spain, not only of corporate volunteering, but also of engagement with the community for all the countries in which it operates world widely. 

Among the different actions that have been developed from this strategy, we highlight the organization of the Volunteer Month and call forth the Social Impact Challenge, in which an important global call to action was made so that people working in the company will help identify sustainable world tourism projects.

Grupo de voluntarios de Amadeus posando con herramientas para trabajar en el campo.
Logot de Voluntarios ONU
Fotografía de dos personas en medio de un cultivo de arroz del programa Voluntarios ONU dentro de los Proyectos de Voluntariado internacional

Guiding UN Volunteers in the design of their Competency Certification Program

Other countries and technical office in Germany Telefonica Foundation

Fundacion Telefonica logo

Since 2015, the Other Countries program of Telefonica Foundation includes different worldwide actions for its International Volunteer Day, in which hundreds of volunteers participate. Since 2017, we have also participated in the international coordination of activities in more than 12 countries and since 2019, we have managed our corporate volunteer program in Germany completely through the coordination of our technical office, one of our flagship services.

telefonica 3
2023 Voluntarios Caixabank

Caixa Co-operators

International week of volunteering and corporate professional volunteering Repsol Foundation

repsol fundación nuevo

Since 2018, we have coordinated the International Volunteer Week in the 23 countries in which Repsol is present, with more than 3,000 volunteers participating each year around the world.

Since 2019, we have also collaborated in the design, implementation, and coordination of its Professional Corporate Volunteering program, in which more than 200 professionals from many different countries participate in the resolution of more than 60 challenges developed with nearly 50 social entities in Spain, Portugal, Ecuador, and Colombia.  

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In all these actions, we have collaborated with dozens of local social entities around the world, such as: Associação Argilando, Refettorio Gastromotiva, Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society, The Edson Food Bank Society, The Chauvin and District Museum, Biblioseo Foundation, Rotary Club of Demerara, Mangrove Jakarta, Mangrove Jakarta in collaboration with Waste for Change, Haus vun der Natur, HandsOn Mexico, Ryfylke Friluftsp, Food Bank Peru, Climate Fresk, BCSD Portugal, among others.



Volies has been accompanying companies, networks, and organizations in Latin America to professionalize corporate volunteering for several years.

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We have developed projects for:


Corporate Volunteering Strategy

Corporate Volunteering Strategy
We accompany ACAP in the Dominican Republic in the design of its Corporate Volunteering Strategy.

We design the structure, processes and procedures, guides, KPIs and other tools necessary to carry it out.

Finally, a 3-year Action Plan was designed.

fundacion bolivar

Letters To combat loneliness

During the COVID-19 emergency, we implemented the project “Letters against loneliness” in different Latin American countries, a transfer of knowledge in the same project that we had already successfully implemented in Spain.

Collaborating with 23 organizations oriented to the welfare of the elderly in 21 cities in Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama with 1,407 Volunteers supporting 1,023 beneficiaries.

Logo de Clave Consejo Latinoamericano de Voluntariado Empresarial

Collaborative and multi-tenant experience

Pioneered experience of a collaborative international corporate volunteering and multi-tenant initiative. Participants from 2 allied networks in Latin America (Clave) and Spain (Voluntare), 4 social entities and 5 companies (Caixabank, Telefonica Foundation, Iberdrola, DirecTV, The Walt Disney Company Latin America).

In total, 19 volunteers participated, with an average dedication of 23 hours each, a total of 437 hours.

Logo de Total

Training for Allied Entities

Training in Corporate Volunteering for the allied social entities of TOTAL Austral corporate volunteer program.

An agenda focused on exemplifying ways to adapt volunteer support to non-face-to-face modals and showing how corporate volunteering can be a tool for NGOs to establish sustainable partnerships with the private sector.

fundacion bolivar

Management of corporate volunteering in social organizations

Currently, together with the Bolivar Davivienda Foundation along with their Aflora and Volunteering programs, we are building a pilot experience based on the “Certification of Excellence in the management of corporate volunteering of Voluntare” and the co-creation of learning experiences.

This is intended to develop and strengthen the corporate volunteer program network in its partner social organizations and participating NGOs.

Logo de Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra

Strategic Management course program of corporate volunteering

Together with the chair of CSR and Sustainability, Alejandro E. Grullon E, in the Dominican Republic’s foundation of the Pontifical Catholic University Mother and Teacher, we launched the virtual course-workshop with the aim of helping corporate volunteer managers of companies and social entities to acquire the theoretical knowledge, the practical knowledge, and the necessary skills to manage a corporate volunteer program.

Another one of our success stories in Latin America is the collaboration for several years with TRASO, a collective that has more than 30 affiliated companies to generate prosperity in the communities and to reduce the inequality gap in the population. We work collaboratively with TRASO to strengthen the corporate volunteer programs of its affiliated companies to transfer knowledge to their team so they can replicate the actions together with their entire network and we carry out a project to measure the impact on the skills of the volunteers.

Sobre la base del análisis realizado con la metodología diseñada para la medición del impacto del voluntariado corporativo en el desarrollo de competencias por Voluntariado y Estrategia, se ha podido identificar que El Voluntario ha mantenido y fortalecido la(s) siguientes(s) competencia(s) en el contexto de su participación como voluntario/a en el programa VIBRASTEM desarrollado por Colectivo Traso y Dow Química. Competencia(s) certificada(s) Colaboración Creatividad Liderazgo Pasión por el servicio La presente identificación y certificación de desarrollo de competencias se ha realizado por Voluntariado y Estrategia, entidad experta en voluntariado corporativo y coordinadora de la Red Voluntare. Esta certificación está enmarcada en el primer proceso de certificaión de desarrollo de habilidades y/o competencias para el modelo definido por el programa de Voluntariado de Colectivo Traso. Dado en Cartagena de Indias, el 25 de febrero de 2022. Firma Alejandra Espinosa Directora Ejecutiva Colectivo Traso. Firma Juan Ángel Poyatos Fundador Voluntariado y Estrategia
logo de traso

For us, working with voiles has been very enriching in many ways, one of them is knowing that they are allies that promote the collective good and therefore share their experiences and good practices with others, which has allowed us to learn much more about this world of corporate volunteering.


For Traso, it is important to work with entities that manage this knowledge strategically and Volies is an organization that administers this valuable knowledge of management in volunteer matters.


Thank you Volies for working together to transform communities through volunteering.

Melissa Campo Solano, Coordinator of UNIDO Fund



Within international strategies, we have extensive knowledge of volunteering in Europe. We have developed volunteer strategies and actions for Telefonica foundation Germany and Amazon Web Services in Germany, France, and Switzerland, along with other companies such as Werfen, SAP, Sigma, Endesa, and Ipsen. We have an extensive network of collaborating social organizations in several European countries that allows us to implement different actions.

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for a better Europe

Similarly, we interact and are a part of reference entities in Europe such as Volonteurope. We have coordinated programs for the European Commission and the United Nations.

And since 2019, we have participated in European projects together with other organizations that share similar values, through our contribution to the common good of a social, diverse, inclusive, supportive, united, and innovative Europe.



We are members of the Board of Volonteurope, a European network aimed at the promotion of volunteering, active citizenship, and social justice, that facilitates the exchange of ideas, projects, and knowledge. We are made up of 50 members from 20 countries.

Comision Europea

European Commission

We have been working for years for organizations such as the United Nations and the European Commission. In 2021, we guided UN Volunteers in designing their Competency Certification Program for them 11,000 volunteers in 160 countries.

Logo de 4include

European Projects

At present, we are part of 4Include along with 6 other countries, which is aiming to create a network of inclusive territories, with the goal of exchanging good practices related to the social inclusion of foreign citizens.


Networks are essential for Volies. Our network allows us to know the latest trends, successful practices, and meaningful experiences. And in the way, it allows us to contribute all our experience during these 10 years.

From Volies, we coordinate Voluntare, the largest Spanish-speaking corporate Volunteer Network, we are members of the Board of Directors for Volonteurope. For 4 years, we have been part of the Assembly of Points of light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteering, of which our Project Director, Julia Aramendi, is its Vice Chair. We are also parters with Global ProBono Network and IAVE (global volunteer network).

Together, we share, collaborate, learn, and improve while providing more value in everything we produce.

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