We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations

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Training & studies

Knowing the environment or the stakeholders we are targeting is essential for the success of your programme. If you are a company or social organization, we can accompany you in the analyses and studies that will help you face your challenges in the best possible way. We can also train you to achieve your objectives more efficiently.

Formación y estudios

These are some of the companies we have worked with in studies and training:

Training pills for volunteers

Without proper training, the experience will not produce the results you are looking for in your employees. It is important that volunteers know what they will encounter and what their role will be. They should know the problem, its causes and how to intervene. That is why we have ‘training pills’ on various topics, aimed at improving their training. We offer them à la carte, on the date and at the time that suits you.

Trainings can be on a desired topic, the SDGs, the importance of corporate volunteering, a specific activity or project. We accompany volunteers throughout the process, equipping them with all the information and motivation they need.

formacion profesionalizacion del vc

Professionalisation of Corporate Volunteering

formacion profesionalizacion del vc 2 1
At Voluntare, we lead an annual Advanced Course in Corporate Volunteer Management. The last edition was held in Madrid in collaboration with the Nebrija University, its collaborating centre ISEMCO and Voluntare at the Fundación Telefónica.

This course provides the most outstanding knowledge that has been accumulated in recent years about this innovative CSR formula, which involves both the company and its employees, as well as the community in which it is framed and the social entities that operate in it.


As managers of Voluntare, we have participated in numerous research projects to add value to corporate volunteering.

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