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Corporate Volunteering


Within international strategies, we have extensive knowledge of volunteering in Europe. We have developed volunteer strategies and actions for Telefonica foundation Germany and Amazon Web Services in Germany, France, and Switzerland, along with other companies such as Werfen, SAP, Sigma, Endesa, and Ipsen. We have an extensive network of collaborating social organizations in several European countries that allows us to implement different actions.

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for a better Europe

Similarly, we interact and are a part of reference entities in Europe such as Volonteurope. We have coordinated programs for the European Commission and the United Nations.

And since 2019, we have participated in European projects together with other organizations that share similar values, through our contribution to the common good of a social, diverse, inclusive, supportive, united, and innovative Europe.



We are members of the Board of Volonteurope, a European network aimed at the promotion of volunteering, active citizenship, and social justice, that facilitates the exchange of ideas, projects, and knowledge. We are made up of 50 members from 20 countries.

Comision Europea

European Commission

We have been working for years for organizations such as the United Nations and the European Commission. In 2021, we guided UN Volunteers in designing their Competency Certification Program for them 11,000 volunteers in 160 countries.

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European Projects

At present, we are part of 4Include along with 6 other countries, which is aiming to create a network of inclusive territories, with the goal of exchanging good practices related to the social inclusion of foreign citizens.

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