We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations

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We are Handson Spain

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ICT activities, resources and solutions

At Volies we are committed to mobilising people to advance social transformation. That is why we offer you the Points of Light formula, the organization dedicated to voluntary service that mobilises more than 2 million volunteers in 37 countries. Following its philosophy and using our experience, we offer you HandsOn Spain. Transformational activities for people and  organizations, a guided process for the management of corporate volunteering and a technological solution for the management of your programme.

We have already developed projects for:

Transformative activities

We accompany your volunteers on the road to a civic, aware, active and fulfilled citizenship. Discover multiple ways to mobilise and involve them in your company’s social action.

Resources for management

Through simple and self-manageable materials, our guide takes care of every detail to ensure a real and sustainable social impact and an excellent personal experience for your employees.

Get to know the HandsOn Spain volunteering cycle and choose in which step you need our support:

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ICT Solution: HandsOn Connect

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Can you imagine being able to apply a CRM to the management of your corporate volunteering programme? Add to this the fact that it is highly customisable and combines all the management functionality with a very simple operation.

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