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Technical Offices

Service: Strategy and implementation, tailor-made

Client: EDP Group, Telefónica Foundation, Coca-Cola, Endesa Foundation, Telefónica Germany, Red Eléctrica de España

Type of client: Large company

Project: Technical Office

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At Volies, after an in-depth internal analysis with a survey of employees, collaborating social entities and focus groups, we define the mission, objectives and attributes of the volunteering programme for each company.

Among the different functions performed, each year we propose an action plan in line with the general guidelines, and once approved, we manage all the activities within the volunteering programme, from its design to its implementation, reporting and communication. We monitor the programme, adapting to new needs that may arise, and we ensure compliance with the indicators and obtain the fiscal justifications and reports.

In addition, an internal project evaluation tool has been developed to support programme managers in the selection of projects.

We run the technical office for the volunteer programmes of Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Endesa, Fundación Repsol, Red Eléctrica de España, Telefónica Germany, Coca-Cola and EDP.