We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations

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Imagen sobre encuesta de satisfacción del cliente

Our first customer satisfaction survey

Volies has just launched its first customer satisfaction survey to all customers with whom it has been working at least during 2022. Among the main results of the survey, it stands out that customers have scored 9’06 out of 10 the degree of satisfaction obtained by the services offered.

In addition, 9'24 out of 10 would recommend Volies to other customers.

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, and the growth that has manifested this small company founded in Valencia in 2003 in recent years, Volies wanted to know first hand the feedback from one of its main stakeholders: customers.

The consultation process initiated this year, and which aims to become recurrent, is part of a larger process of continuous improvement in which Volies is immersed, and of which it stands out:

  • The process initiated to become part of the registry of certified B Corps companies, which represent the most advanced model of sustainable and regenerative companies in the world. Unlike companies that only pursue economic purposes, B Corps meet high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.
  • And an audit and personal development plan is being carried out with the strategic human resources and organizational consulting firm, Human Way, which specializes in helping companies achieve success through the development of their greatest asset: the people who are part of it.

An international, consolidated and highly loyal industry

In terms of the sample from which responses were obtained, 89% of these clients operate internationally, 17% have been working with Volies for more than 5 years, and 56% have been working with Volies for between 1 and 5 years.

95% of respondents believe that Volies is the best option in the market in their sector. And of this 95%, more than 60% do not think of looking for alternatives because they consider it to be the best option. This shows the respondents’ strong loyalty to the company. 89% of respondents consider the value for money to be good or very good.

In addition, 44% of respondents have had an active corporate volunteer program for more than 10 years. This demonstrates a significant consolidation of the companies working with Volies.

Volies' contribution to transforming reality

Among the most notable aspects that give us the greatest satisfaction is that 100% of those surveyed consider that our services contribute a great deal or a lot to transforming reality and generating positive social and environmental impact. This is of vital importance to Volies and is aligned with our mission:

Promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations. Activating, empowering and accompanying them in this process, in order to build a sustainable world and a more just, inclusive, critical and diverse society.

Among the top services, the most used by respondents are:

  • The development of tailor-made projects
  • The design of one-off or recurring volunteer activities.
  • And the design of strategies and policies.

Followed by other services such as the Technical Office for the Management of the corporate volunteering program, the organization of the Volunteering Day, volunteering that impacts on competencies, the organization of trainings, conferences, and other related activities.

All these services have been assessed as meeting the needs of customers, often exceeding their initial expectations.

The team, our greatest talent

Among the main issues that customers have highlighted about our company is, above all, the team and the way they work: their professionalism, experience and support, the ease, availability, innovation and flexibility offered. The accompaniment during the whole process and the ability to solve problems. Together with a great humanity, kindness and “impeccable treatment”.

As for aspects more related to service, clients highlight “the added value of the proposals, offering actions within a global context of market trends”, “the creation of ad hoc projects” for the company and, in short, “going beyond the category of supplier to become a real partner that gets involved as part of the team and the strategy”.

All in all, our customers expect more innovation and proactivity from us. So we take good note of everything to keep improving together, and continue to be your major reference in the field of corporate volunteering and social transformation and innovation.

Carmen Marti

Carmen Marti