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Imagen de una sesión de voluntariado virtual con Coca cola

It is said that Coca-Cola uncovers illusion, and in its volunteer program, that certainly holds true.

At Volies, we are lucky to accompany the company in the entirety of this process as a Technical Office service.

During 2022, the following they contributed:

• A total of 916 people
• 8,223 hours in various programs throughout their Spanish tour


The program functioned as one that combines corporate projects, led by their volunteer program, with local activities, led by a network of trained and motivated ambassadorsthat
know how to respond to the needs of their environment and engage with the employees of their area.

Also, they launched a program to channel the concerns of the employees, giving greater leadership to the employees who want to boost their own actions.

Coca-Cola European Partners

Coca-Cola Experience

Among the corporate projects is “Your Coca-Cola Experience”, which we had the opportunity of
co-creating together. Being launched a few years ago, the project has remained a part of the program for its simplicity and impact.

Through one-hour sessions, volunteers have had the opportunity to share their work experience with people who are actively seeking employment, serving as a reference, and trying to motivate them at this stage.

We close 2022 with greatm results and we already in the first quarter of 2023 have started another stage which is full of enthusiasm and large projects.

Picture of Carmen Marti

Carmen Marti