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Fundación Telefónica announces the winning projects of its 2022 “Solidarity Voting”.

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Premiados a las votaciones solidarias de Fundación Telefónica

Diabetes 0 or Polibea Foundation, some of the organisations chosen this year by Fundación Telefónica's solidarity votes

Fundación Telefónica has just announced the winning projects of its “Solidarity Votes”. This initiative, which is part of Fundación Telefónica’s Social Action and Volunteering Program, seeks to value the high-impact projects that have been led by Telefónica volunteers throughout the year, in collaboration with various social entities.

Fundación Telefónica has been a pioneer, and a benchmark entity, in placing the volunteer at the center of the Corporate Volunteering programme. Since 2014, with the support of Volies, it has launched the Call for Volunteer Activities, in which volunteers are the ones who present the actions they want to develop throughout the year. The role of the volunteer is to design the project together with social entities, coordinate the activities and mobilize the team to volunteer.

It is in 2020 when Solidarity Voting is incorporated into the program as the culmination of the volunteer program, with the aim of not only serving as public recognition for these entities, but also providing them with an economic prize that helps them continue fulfilling their mission.

The pre-selected projects are divided into two categories: “Solidarity Challenges” and “Projects led from the Call for Activities by Telefónica employees, retirees and early retirees”.

In each category there were seven nominated projects, which were included in a virtual voting site open to anyone to vote their favourite/s.

Fourteen projects in total of which six would ultimately be the winners: the three most voted projects in each category.

More than 2,500 votes and 6 winning projects

Logo Votaciones Solidarias Fundación Teléfonica

This edition has been a success of participation. More than 2,500 people have cast their vote and chosen the winning projects, which have been the following:

In the Solidarity Challenges category:

  1. “Cumpliendo Sueños”, developed by the Telefónica Tech team together with the Numen Foundation.
  2. “We are one”, carried out by the Telefónica Global Solutions team together with Aldeas Infantiles.
  3. “Abriendo Caminos”, developed together with Atenpace by the General Secretariat, Regulatory Affairs, Security and Compliance and DPO Directorates of Telefónica S.A and the General Secretariat and Regulation and Compliance Directorates of Telefónica Spain.

In the category of Call for Activities, the winning entities have been:

  1. DiabetesCero, with the project “Por una vida sin pinchazos”.
  2. Polibea Foundation, with the “Recuperando Sonrisas” project.
  3. LESCER Foundation, with the project “RUNFORYOU for an inclusive sport”.

The importance of corporate volunteering for social entities

Mesa redonda sobre voluntariado corporativo en las votaciones solidarias de Fundación Telefónica

Before the awards ceremony, the round table “Corporate volunteering as a lever for the transformation of social entities” took place, moderated by Carlos Palacios, Director of Social Action and Volunteering at Fundación Telefónica. It counted with the participation of Teresa Rodríguez Hervás, Co-founder and general director of the Balia Foundation; Ricardo Martín, Leader of “El Desperar de los cuatro elementos” Solidarity Challenge; Rocío Bustamante, Leader of Fundación Tomillo’s ExploraTM proposal; and Celina Lesta, Head of Volunteering for Latin America and Director of Volies Projects.

Celina Lesta interviene en la mesa redonda sobre voluntariado de fundación Teléfonica

In her speech, Celina Lesta highlighted the importance of Corporate Volunteering as a space to build citizenship. 

“In addition to the specific contribution that volunteers make with each of their actions, corporate volunteering allows people who might not know each other to meet in a common space and share time. In addition, they have the opportunity to get in touch with social causes from experience, being sensitive to social or environmental problems, for which these entities work”, recognized Lesta.

Celina highlighted in her speech the important role that the company plays in mobilizing volunteers.

“Many of the people who approach the entities thanks to corporate volunteering would not participate individually, due to lack of time or ignorance. When the company brings this possibility to them, a door is opened so that they can learn about different realities, social entities and become familiar with volunteering”.

Fundación Telefónica´s Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program channels and promotes the social action of Telefónica employees in 31 countries. It is aimed at all those people who want to contribute with their knowledge, time and enthusiasm for the benefit of the community and the most disadvantaged people. The program is managed by Fundación Telefónica, which is one of the “Managing Partners” entities of the Voluntare Network.


Volies, a social enterprise with 10 years of experience, aims to promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations, activating, empowering and accompanying them in this process, in order to build a sustainable world and a fairer, more inclusive, critical and diverse society, using corporate volunteering as one of the main tools for this.

Volies has been working together with Fundación Telefónica for years in the design of its corporate volunteer programs and, on this occasion, was in charge of announcing the winners of the Solidarity Voting.



Voluntare is the largest network for the promotion of Spanish-speaking corporate volunteering since its inception in 2011, with presence in Spain and Latin America.

It is currently made up of a hundred companies and social entities that are leaders in corporate volunteering. It is coordinated by Volies.


Picture of Carmen Marti

Carmen Marti