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Promoting social action and client mobilization

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Formas de acción social y voluntariado corporativo

The concept of volunteering is constantly evolving due to social changes and new forms of social action.

Today, awareness raising and conscious living habits are vital. As well as adapting actions to the socio-cultural reality in which we live. The new generations are taking over, showing a great commitment to society through new forms of social action.

People’s capacity for social transformation has increased markedly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distance, sudden crisis, shortages of certain basic necessities, “close” suffering… have opened up a whole new world of ways to take action.

Many companies have already committed to social change by encouraging their employees to participate in corporate volunteering activities. Now they want to go one step further and are launching projects to mobilise their customers.

As we mentioned earlier, corporate volunteering is evolving due to ongoing social transformation. We can highlight two types of volunteering, international cooperation volunteering and community volunteering, which are well established in our daily lives. International volunteering is that which provides humanitarian aid, services, attention and care to people in developing countries. Local volunteering is local volunteering in which we get involved in order to improve the lives of our neighbours.

Companies have not wanted to be left behind and have been major drivers of this change. They do so through their strategies, their business channels and the interests of their employees. Now that corporate volunteering has been consolidated and is part of the essence of the employees, they have decided to go a step further. They promote new forms of social action with projects to mobilise their customers.

The initiatives are diverse, such as Decathlon, which promotes activities to clean up green spaces, environmental conservation and sustainability. Also Imagin, with its imaginChangers programme in which they launch virtual social action activities, and which HandsOn Spain and Volies support in the design and management of the programme.

We analyse clients and design a social action strategy adapted to the company’s concerns. We are experts in social mobilisation and action. Together, under our motto #bethechange, we believe in change and the union of small actions for a fairer and more caring world. Moreover, as partners of the Voluntare network, we support the union between social entities and companies to join forces for the common good by promoting social action.

If you want to know more about the reality of corporate volunteering or transformation and social action programmes, contact us!

Guiomar Pérez

Guiomar Pérez