We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations.

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At Volies, we drive social change by transforming people and social  organizations. Companies have a key role to play in this process: find out how!

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Isotipo de Voiles

Corporate Volunteering

We were born to support companies, NGOs and public institutions in their strategies to mobilise employees to transform society.  Organizations are changing society in part thanks to corporate volunteering.

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Through HandsOn Spain, we are the arm of Points of Light in Spain. Points of Light is the leading international volunteer network, a movement that is transforming the world at all levels: sustainability, equality, diversity, youth… Your  organization can do it too with the necessary tools that we provide.


Think Tank

We coordinate Voluntare, the largest Corporate Volunteering network in Spain and Latin America. A think tank that brings together the main leaders in the business world and the Third Sector. Studies, resources, training, events and innovation. The present and future is Voluntare.

Volies: 10 years of social transformation

Volies Worldwide

We were born to advise companies,  organizations and institutions and develop high-impact  strategies. Now they are better thanks to the transformative power of Corporate Volunteering.

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