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Recurso 2

Advanced Course in Corporate Volunteer Management

Service: Training and Studies

Client: Voluntare

Type of client: Network

Project: Educational-professional symbiosis

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We are partners of several universities with which we have developed advanced training in the field of CSR and Corporate Volunteering. Since 2017 we have been leading a Higher Course in Corporate Volunteering that is held annually. The last edition was held in Madrid in collaboration with the  Universidad Nebrija, its collaborating centre   ISEMCO and  Voluntare.

This course provides the most outstanding knowledge that has been accumulated in recent years about this innovative CSR formula, which involves both the company and its employees, as well as the community in which it is framed and the social entities that operate in it.

This university course brings together experts with extensive experience and recognised prestige both in Spain and in the rest of Europe and Latin America. With regard to the programme, its contents are structured to provide training that covers the entire process involved in a Corporate Volunteering programme: planning, implementation, management and evaluation.

The course leads to a degree issued and certified by the Nebrija University, with a value of 2 ECTS credits. In addition, it is a training course that can be subsidised by the Fundae. Each year an edition is launched, which you can consult  here.

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