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Impact Report 2023: 10 Years of Social Impact

Volies was born in 2013 as a personal project of Juan Angel Poyatos, under the name of Volunteering and Strategy, to continue working on the promotion of corporate volunteering after the closure of the volunteering foundation where he then worked.

It is precisely in this foundation where we organized the I Congress of corporate volunteering in Spain. After it, a large group of participating companies and organizations were clear that the movement started could not end there. And so they founded the Voluntare network, to keep alive the flame of what had begun to take shape there.

Voluntare is currently the largest Spanish-speaking corporate volunteering network with more than a hundred member companies and social organizations that constitute an innovative and unique think tank in the world around corporate volunteering. And that we have the honor of coordinating and promoting since its creation to date from Volies.

In these 10 years Volies has positioned itself as the leading organization in Spain and Europe linking companies and social organizations, promoting change and social transformation, mainly within companies, which play a key role in this process, and contributing to the evolution and maturity of corporate volunteering in Spain, Latin America and Europe.

We summarize the impact of these 10 years in this 10th Anniversary Impact Report.