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Employee entrepreneurship

Service: Strategy and Implementation

Client: Endesa, Coca-Cola, Telefónica Foundation and Repsol

Type of client: Large company

Project: Mobilisation of employees

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The aim of Corporate Volunteering is to strengthen the volunteers’ desire to help our society, supporting them to become true Entrepreneurial Volunteers.

In partnership with social entities, they must submit their proposals to the Call for Proposals. During the submission period, the Volies team provides close advice to employees and former employees interested in submitting their initiatives.

This type of project not only develops the leadership competence of the volunteer proponents, but also gives the Programme an outreach component for the volunteer community, who have the opportunity to actively participate in the volunteering offer of the Programme.

We customise this type of project according to the strategy of each company. We develop it together with Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Endesa, Fundación Repsol and Coca-Cola, launching it annually to their respective employees.