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Amadeus gives a talk to 2nd year high school students

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What mistakes not to make or how to discover your Ikigai

Choosing a career path right out of high school is a decision we may have to make too soon. A concern that has assailed us all at some point in our lives.

From Amadeus Volunteering, and within the program “Empresas que Inspiran”, from Fundación Bertelsmann, Pablo,  Amadeus company’s volunteer, went to IES Joaquín Araujo in Madrid where the students of the 2nd year of high school of social sciences were able to learn first-hand about the professional and academic career of a finance professional who currently works for Amadeus, a leading company in the development and distribution of technological solutions for the travel sector.

The volunteer gave a tour of his professional career. Looking back, he highlighted his greatest successes as well as the bad decisions he had made.


  • His greatest learnings at the professional level.
  • What he valued most in his 15 years at Amadeus.
  • Sharing with young people where to get inspiration, where to look for information, who to ask.
  • Even how to discover their Ikigai or “raison d’être”.
Empresas Inspiran Amadeus

The students were able to receive, in addition to information about the day-to-day life of the professional, wise advice and lessons that all of us as teenagers would have liked to know at that time of such uncertainty.

Undoubtedly a unique experience that the students of IES Joaquín Araujo de Madrid will not forget.

Picture of Carmen Marti

Carmen Marti