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Corporate volunteering: an ally against climate change

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Volunteering is a powerful way for more and more people to join the different causes that manage to reverse the critical situation facing the planet in environmental and social matters. This is how the United Nations Organization (UN) understands it, which highlights global awareness to comply with what was agreed in the 2030 Agenda.

Since this action plan that encompasses 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was launched in 2015, many companies have aligned their professional goals with these global challenges. This transformation involves raising awareness of the climate emergency among its own employees through corporate volunteering, which, in turn, aims to share their knowledge and experience, and put them at the service of society.

Companies seek to align their own objectives with the SDGs and, based on them, structure their corporate volunteering activities. In environmental matters, SDG 7 (Affordable and non-polluting energy), SDG 12 (Responsible production and consumption), SDG 13 (Climate action), SDG 14 (Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources) stand out. and SDG 15 (Life on land ecosystems).

As the cultural and socio-economic development of our society progresses, new spaces for social participation of the community are deepened for the prevention and resolution of those problems that are specific to it.

So this perspective is taking on an important role in relation to the resolution of environmental problems, where institutions and social entities face the challenge of facilitating and promoting the active and profound participation of society. The relevance that environmental volunteering initiatives are gradually assuming and their extension to ever greater areas of the environment makes it possible for a new framework to be configured with deep social anchoring in the field of natural resource conservation and quality improvement. of the environment.

This is how corporate environmental volunteering offers a range of benefits for people, institutions and the natural environment, including better mental and social health, job belonging, interpersonal strengthening of the team and learning and caring about our common home. : planet Earth.

Valeria Benvenuto

Valeria Benvenuto