We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations

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Society evolves and we evolve with it

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Society is evolving and we are evolving with it. The formulas for employee and citizen participation in general have little to do with what they were when we decided to start this adventure and therefore, the time to evolve has come.

We were born a decade ago as Voluntariado y Estrategia to help companies and institutions in the construction of a better world. A stage that has revolved, fundamentally, around the axis of corporate volunteering as an incentive for change. And although this movement still has a lot to contribute, we have decided to take a step towards a new dimension that is capable of embracing a broader and more current concept of social transformation.

That is why, now as Volies, we have set ourselves a new mission: to promote social change through the transformation of people and organisations, activating, empowering and accompanying them in this process, in order to build a sustainable world and a fairer, more inclusive, critical and diverse society.

And we are going to do all this with the accumulated experience of so many years supporting companies in their corporate volunteering programmes, but with the mobilising force of our social organisation Handson Spain, inspiring and mobilising people to develop actions that change the world, and supported by the world’s leading think thank on corporate volunteering, Voluntare.

Now more than ever, #BETHECHANGE.

Guiomar Pérez

Guiomar Pérez