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5 tips to celebrate international women’s day in your company

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Día de la Mujer 5 tips para celebrarlo en tu empresa

March 8th: Women’s Day

Among the different international days, March 8th, Women’s Day, is perhaps one of the most emblematic and remembered, if not the most, throughout the year. But, even if we know what day we are talking about, it is useful to remember the origin and meaning.

When women from all continents, often separated by national and ethnic borders as well as linguistic, cultural, economic, and political differences, come together on this day – they can commemorate a tradition of no less than ninety years of fighting for equality, justice, peace, and development.

The origin

In 1975, the UN began to commemorate Women’s Day. However, the origins of this day date back to the beginning of the 20th century, when women began to demonstrations to demand the right to vote, better working conditions, and equal opportunities.

  • In 1853, in the cotton districts of Manchester, some 21,000 people from the workshops, 55.8% were girls under the age of 13, staged strikes.
  • In 1857, a pioneering march of textile workers toured the wealthy suburbs of New York City to protest the miserable working conditions.
  • In Spain, there were women’s strikes between 1905-1921 in cities such as Barcelona with 185 strikes, Valencia with 64 strikes, Zaragoza with 55 strikes, and Madrid with 48 strikes.

The origin of March 8th is in the struggles of employed women. Today, we still need people and organizations to champion and mobilize these protests and days like today to continue the progress.

The important role of the company in the fight for equality

The involvement of all institutions is truly important for this progress, and the company, as the relational heart of the workers, has a vital role in this progress


Not only is the 8th of March, Women’s Day, the time to think about equality in your company, but it always comes a good date to dedicate some minutes to stop and rethink if everything is done or is there is still something we can do.


At Volies, we want to share 5 tips that you can use to help your company to work for effective equality of opportunities, not only on March 8th but always.


Why not establish the month of March as the month of equality? You still have time to carry out any of the following tips. And if this year it is not possible, save this post in your favorites and set aside an alarm for 2024.

5 Tips to do in my Company


  • Organize an awareness talk in your company where gender equality is the focus and discuss how to put it into practice.
  • The more participation the better.
  • You can attend a round table where women of the company participate in telling their experience and give ideas to continue improving.
  • You can also organize a day of Creative Design Thinking with a person who facilitates it, from whom you draw conclusions on how to improve the environment.

  • Play the “game” for the day, by inviting the whole team to look carefully and see if all your communications are inclusive, like: Daily emails, corporate pieces, website, posters, and used iconography
  • You can create a shared dashboard in a visible, physical, or virtual site, and encourage the team to share their findings.
  • But, above all, do not forget to ask them, in addition to identifying non-inclusive language, to propose how they would have expressed it better.
  • You will be surprised by, without realizing, the amount of male language we automatically use, and you will also spread awareness to the team that it is not always best to avoid it.

  • You can make a feminine talent contest, in which the workers themselves praise the work and talent of their colleagues.
  • Not only on a professional level, but also on a human level.
  • You can also make a mural of women who inspire you. And add images, quotes, facts, and achievements. They can be famous women, but also our mothers, daughters, co-workers, sisters, and friends.
  1. SHARE

  • Take the experiences lived at home, you can organize from the company a kit that helps to visualize the actions and practices developed.
  • Share on social media. You can create your own hashtag, for example, #companynameinclusive #companynamepromoteequality and some photocall posters that people can use and photograph to share on their social networks. You can use quotes from the previous activates to use them in the photocall.
  1. ACT
  • Choose volunteer activities for this month focused on women.
  • Collaborate with organizations that defend women’s rights, providing them with support and training them to help acquire a job. For example, you can participate in “role playing” recruitment activities, which are very well received. There are many organizations to choose from! We can guide you to choose the best one that suits your program.
  • Organize or participate in a Social Entrepreneurship Program of Women’s projects.
  • Write letters against loneliness for the women in the area around you.
Tomar conciencia, decidir con responsabilidad y actuar con impacto

We are here to accompany you along the way and to continue taking steps together towards inclusion and real equality.

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Carmen Marti