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Service: Strategy and implementation – Online volunteering

Client: AWS

Type of client: Medium

Project: Mobilisation of employees, vocational education symbiosis

14. Get It 1

AWS GetIT is a completely free programme aimed at 12-13 year old students, especially girls, to help them acquire digital skills, challenge gender stereotypes within the industry and enable them to consider a career in technology.

The programme enables students to design and create a PPP that generates real and tangible social change within their school and/or community.

During the course of the programme, the students were supported by female technology experts, providing them with the resources and knowledge to realise their most creative ideas, and at the end of the programme, the designs from each centre were entered into a competition.

The best application ideas received an invitation to present to a committee of technology experts at the AWS GetIT finals and the winner will be announced on the day.

14. get it 2