We promote social change through the transformation of people and organizations

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We have contributed to the evolution and maturity of corporate volunteering in Spain, Latin America and Europe and we are leading the introduction of new forms of employee and customer involvement in corporate social action. We offer you all our experience, the utmost professionalism and an innovative methodology to activate social transformation through your main asset: people.

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We believe in the transformative power of people and organizations

We empower and accompany your organization in the process of building a sustainable world and a fairer, more inclusive, critical and diverse society.

We want to be catalysts for a culture of co-responsibility, where each person and each organization understands the impact of their actions and is fair and empathetic with the world and with society, always putting the person at the centre of change. To achieve this, we design and implement projects that are valuable, innovative, sustainable, committed and trust-building.

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